10 Day Keto Challenge- Day 1 and 2

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10 Day Keto Challenge- Day 1 and 2

First, I'm not here to try to sell you anything. I just want to share my journey with you. I'm trying something new. Im interested in seeing what kind of results I can achieve at the end of the 10 days. I will post a link to the product so you can see what I'm using. 

Since having Rockland, I have struggled with weight loss. I gained 40lbs during my pregnancy. The only weight I had lost in 6 months is 5.3lbs. That's the exact weight of my baby when he was born! I still feel like I look pregnant. I'm so self concious, and I do not feel like myself. I tried doing Weight Watchers, but I did not lose any weight. So I decided to get back on the low carb/keto diet. It's worked in the past so why change?

Keto is my favorite diet. I love the foods (meats, veggies, and cheeeeeese). It seems to be the only diet that works for me. It's easy. I don't have to think about it or count points. I started keto a month ago and felt like I wasn't getting the results I did before. I was starting to get discouraged. Then...

A friend posted on FB that she had lost 20lbs in 2 months drinking ketones. She looked great and I could tell a huge difference. She was using KETO//OS NAT by Pruvit. This product helps you burn fat, suppresses your appetite, and helps you achieve ketosis quicker. Her pictures already sold me on the product. So, I thought, why not. Nothing was working at this point. Let's give it a try. 

The Product:

Pruvit 10 Day Keto Challenge: comes with 2-4 different flavors. Total of 20 packs

Mine came with two:

Caffeinated Cocoa Swiss and Caffeine Free Raspberry Lemonade.

The Plan:

Wake up, drink your first caffeinated keto drink. No breakfast

Lunch: low carb meal

Afternoon: Caffeine free keto drink

Dinner: low carb meal

After the challenge you drink 1 Keto drink a day.

Day 1:

I woke up really excited to get started. This morning I drank the Cocoa Swiss KETO//OS NAT. To be honest, I had a hard time getting it down. I mixed it with my coffee and it was a big no for me. I read that a lot of people mixed it coffee, almond, or coconut milk. I think it's either a love it or hate it.

I spent about 30 min in the bathroom after an hour of drinking the drink. I wasn't surprised. My stomach has been sensitive since I was younger. It's also what can happen according to the company.

For lunch I did a quest protein bar. These are my favorite. I just needed something really quick and they fill me up. 

Afternoon: Raspberry Lemonade NAT mixed with water. SOOOOOO good. No bad after taste! 

Again, 30 min later in the bathroom...lol

Dinner: Baked Salmon and broccoli

Day 2:

Breakfast: Cocoa Swiss...this time I mixed it with plain old cold water. It was still hard to drink, but a lot better than before.

Here is the kicker...I weighed myself...I'm down 2 pounds! 

Maybe I was really FOS...lol

Lunch: left over Salmon and broccoli

Afternoon: Raspberry Lemonade NAT. Still as good as before. 

Dinner: will be another low carb meal.

After two days, I feel great. I have more energy, and mentally I feel better. Stay tuned for day 3

Here is the link:


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