10 Day Keto Challenge - Day 5 - Am I in Ketosis?

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10 Day Keto Challenge - Day 5 - Am I in Ketosis?

What is ketosis?

Short answer: a metabolic state in which your body uses fat as energy instead of carbs. Ketones are a chemical your liver makes when you dont have enough sugar in your body for energy, so your body burns fat instead. 

There is a difference in diabetic ketosis and nutritional ketosis. That's a topic in itself! 

Am I in ketosis??

Yes!! Light nutritional ketosis. Even in light ketosis you can still burn fat. 

How do you know?

If you are in ketosis, you should see ketones in urine. You can obtain ketone strips on Amazon. They are fairly cheap. I purchased these

It's a little difficult to see in this picture but it is light pink.
The level of ketones for optimal weight loss is 1.5-3.0mmol/l.
The best time to check for ketones is usually in the morning or several hours after your last meal. 
I checked around noon. I forgot, so tomorrow I will check as soon as I wake up. 
Day 5:
I woke up so hungry. I drank my NAT and continued my fast until 11am. It was so difficult.
For lunch I was lazy and had a prepared meal


These are actually really good! I love them. I buy a few boxes every week. I pair it with either broccoli or brussel sprouts. They are only 3 carbs per serving. 

I drank my afternoon Raspberry Lemonade NAT.

Dinner: Quest Bar. I was busy with my son and lost track of time. To be honest, I really wasn't that hungry!

So far what do I think?

I'm half way through the 10 day challenge and I have tons of energy.

I feel great!

Ive lost a little bit of weight. 

I don't feel bloated. 

I actually feel smaller, and a little more confident!! 


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