10 Day Keto Challenge Day 9 and 10 - My final thoughts

10 Day Keto Challenge Day 9 and 10 - My final thoughts

I really went out on day 9 and 10 with a bang! 

Day 9 I had a cheat meal, and Day 10 I had a cheat meal! 

We were traveling, and I ate what was available! 

I continued drinking my ketones twice a day. I still had my usual energy, but I could tell a difference in bloating and indigestion! I haven't missed that at all!

Even with cheat meals, I am still down 4 pounds! 

My Final Thoughts:

I feel great, I have more energy than I have had since before my son was born.

I feel like I'm thinking clearer. I look back on the last 7 months and my brain was in such a fog. 

I was able to lose weight that was so hard for me to lose before. I feel motivated again. 

I really can't say anything negative except for I noticed I have a little insomnia. But it's better than feeling tired all the time. 

I know there are other ketone products out there. I haven't tried them to compare to what I have been drinking. But I do recommend the product to anyone who needs a little boost!

If you are interested. Here is the link below.


** I don't make any money off this product. I am a regular paying customer. **

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